VDR Rockantenne-plugin

Show song titles played on Radio Rockantenne on the OSD of vdr.

Das Plugin für den VDR zeigt Titel von auf Radio Rockantenne gespielten Songs an. Eine Online-Verbindung wird dafür benötigt.

Ein kleines Tool 'showrockantennetitel' zum Testen auf der Kommandozeile ist im Paket enthalten.

API changes

As of July 12th 2009 Radio Rockantenne has altered its API. The URL coded in rockantenne-plugin is not available any more. The alternate caching server which holds a list of the last played songs does already use the new API. There's maybe a small latency of some minutes until the currently played song is stored in the cache. It will take some time to modify the source of the plugin to work with the new API for "realtime" requests like before.

A simple query of the caching server can be made with netcat:

$ echo 4 | nc 4489    # 4 is the number of last played songs
090810215500    Queensryche     If I were king
090810215900    Backtimer 4 (Doc Heyne) Mu-bed medium (stomp the fong)
090810220300    Alanis Morissette       That i would be good (unplugged)
090810220700    Bob Dylan       Hurricane


2007-05-21: Version 0.3.1
- www.rockantenne.de has a new IP address
- "server" logrockantennetitel: small bugfixes

2007-01-15: Version 0.3.0
- plugin: bugfixes, remove code for CLASSIC mode
- "server" logrockantennetitel: small bugfixes
- README updated

2007-01-08: Version 0.2.4
- NO CODE CHANGES in the plugin (the client)!
- "server" logrockantennetitel: remove some dups, record time more exactly

2006-08-14: Version 0.2.3
- fix small caching bug

2006-06-28: Version 0.2.2
- show http-get data from rockantenne.de on last line

2006-06-26: Version 0.2.1
- use only Port 4489 service on server

2006-06-25: Version 0.2.0
- if ROCKANTENNE is current channel display more
  than 4 lines of song data (approx. 20 lines)
- fix small error in server helper tool utail

2006-06-23: Version 0.1.1
- small "security" fix
- display message on internet error
- substitute TABs in songdata to space and colon

2006-06-22: Version 0.1.0
- new mode to get song data:
  use alternative server which delivers the 4 last titles,
  old http-get mode through Radio Rockantenne server can be
  used when compiling by defining CLASSIC in rockantenne.c

2006-06-12: Version 0.0.4
- small cache for song data (default: 10secs)
  to reduce net traffic and quicker response
  on slow connections


Current Version: vdr-rockantenne-0.3.1.tgz
Former Version: vdr-rockantenne-0.0.4.tgz
More docs: http:///www.vdr-wiki.de/wiki/index.php/Rockantenne-plugin
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email: vdr-rockantenne [at] tuxad [dot] de
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