This stuff is ancient and not supported any more. It is superseeded by ngtx. ngtx is available as tarball with precompiled binaries, as Debian- and Red-Hat-package.

Some of my own tools. License is GPL v2.

Some little man-pages are included. For more information please take a look at the sources (the sources are included in the binary RPM package in the doc-dir).

Most binaries in the binary RPM package are statically linked with the dietlibc (excluding daemonize.asm which doesn't use dietlibc ;-) ). This package should work with every linux distro.

Short overview:

cdr2wav - a fast .cdr to .wav file converter
cdrdao2id3.py - add ID3 tags and rename mp3 files
cdrdao2wav.py - create separate WAVE files from a toc/bin cdrdao file pair
daemonize - make a prog a daemon
direntries - fast manage entries in a directory
ip_dotted2long - converts dotted decimal IP address(es) to decimal longs
ip_long2dotted - converts IP address(es) from decimal long to decimal dotted notation
filescan - starts and monitors a collection of processes managing files
lgrep - get duplicate and missing lines of two files
logrockantennetitel - log song titles played on Radio Rockantenne
pycdcat.py - maintain a small file database (a CD/DVD catalog program)
raw2352to2048 - a CD raw sector data to CD-ROM data converter
raw2352to2324 - a CD raw sector data to CD-ROM/XA data converter
raw2352to2336 - a CD raw sector data to CD-ROM Mode2 data converter
raw2352to2048 - a CD-DA raw data to audio data converter
setfiletime - set file modification time
sfgrep - string matching tool like fgrep or grep
showip - show public IP address
showrockantennetitel - show song title currently played on Radio Rockantenne
utail - a *very* simple tail
wav2raw - convert WAVE file to raw pcm file
Latest Version:
fwb-tools-0.3.7-7.i386.rpm approx. 124KB, 2008-11-23
Other software:
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